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Alright, guys! This one is for the avid outdoors woman or man in your life. Or perhaps, a little gift to yourself this holiday season. The next business from the Explore Washington State 2020 Gift Guide is From The Ground Up!

From The Ground Up socks Explore Washington State 2020 Gift Guide

When preparing for a hike (or outdoor activity) of any length, the first thing a lot of us forget is: quality socks. Some of us (definitely calling myself out here…) just throw on whatever socks we find first in the drawer. The more experienced and seasoned hikers know that the length of your hike will begin and end with your footwear, and what’s keeping your foot warm and dry. 

Founder Rami Nasr was inspired by “the breath-taking views of the PNW and a pair of problematic, dull hiking socks.” His goal? Create a sock that allowed hikers to feel supported, “From The Ground Up on their adventures. Socks as tough as the hike, but as beautiful as the view.” 

Now, if that doesn’t leave you feeling somewhat inspired, you might just want to stop reading now because nothing will at this point.

From The Ground Up socks Explore Washington State Gift Guide

Quality And Style

Rami is born, raised, and lives in the PNW, specifically in Washington. He’s spent his life enjoying time in nature and hiking. After burning through probably hundreds of pairs of hiking socks, he has made it his mission to create a hiking sock that “doesn’t sacrifice quality for style.” 

They are made from high-quality merino wool, and oh my word, they are cozy. Like, want to wear the entire winter long even at home, cozy. 

FTGU has partnered with the Washington Trails Association, a local non-profit focused on preserving and maintaining all of the trails we love and know.

Their footgear is ideal for skiers, snowboarders, runners, bikers, travelers, doctors, hikers – anyone who is on their feet all day! Their Front Runner specifically is engineered with three points of graduated compression that help promote circulation and health blood flow.

From The Ground Up socks Explore Washington State Gift Guide 2020


Personally, I’m loving their designs that feature Mt. Baker, Mt. Pilchuck, Mt. Rainier, The Cascade Range, and The Evergreen State. Not to mention, The Olympic Mountains

If you’re not convinced yet, you’ll want to read this. Basically, a woman by the name of Julia Sheehan decided to hike the Appalachian Trail, which for those who don’t know, is over 2,000 miles of ground spanning from Georgia to Maine. It’s not for the faint of heart, or those with less than optimal gear. From The Ground Up socks were her partner on this journey, allowing her feet to have a safe haven (even though we can only imagine the number of blisters she had, because after so many miles, it will happen no matter what!) 

Now people have begun taking their FTGU socks along the Pacific Crest Trail, and beyond. 

I personally love From The Ground Up because of their socks, but also their values that they hold. During the peak of COVID, they were donating socks to medical workers in need of relief and support. As stated before, they also work with the Washington Trails Association, and donate 5% of every sock purchased to them. So, while you or your loved one are out hiking with these socks on, you can rest easy knowing you’re not only supporting a small business during these trying times, but also helping to protect the trails you’re on. 

When you sign up for their newsletter, you’ll also enjoy 10% off of your first purchase! 

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