Gift Guide 2020: Shop Contour Creative

If you’ve been following us on social media for awhile, you’re well aware of our love for Contour Creative

Last year we featured her, specifically her “Home Sweet Home” hoodie. This year I am obsessing over her Tri Mountains Sweatshirt! It is bound to be ultra-soft, just like all of her clothing. 

Contour Creative Explore Washington State 2020 Gift Guide

About Contour Creative

Owner, and artist, Devan Nichols is originally from the Wenatchee Valley. She grew up in an artist family, which constantly encouraged her to harness her creativity through a variety of mediums. She is self-taught, but reflects on days creating art with her Nana, in her youth. 

Devan first started out making cards and prints, but the itch to create designs for clothing soon became unbearable. She wants people who wear her items to feel confident and comfortable. This is something I can personally attest to. After having two children, my body is no longer what it was in high school, things change. No matter if I’m wearing her yoga shorts, or hoodies, I feel comfortable. She also provides generous sizing, from XXS to 4XL. 

Contour Creative Explore Washington State 2020 Gift Guide

What Makes Contour Creative Special? 

When you order from Contour, you can be sure no two items are the same. Each stamp is hand carved by Devan, and hand pressed in her work space (oftentimes she’s stepping onto them and squatting!). This leaves each clothing item with a special marking. “Each one of us is imperfectly imperfect and that’s what makes us beautiful. Because of my unique printing process, the ink will last forever!” 

Her foundation for Contour Creative lies in her desire to source items that are made in freedom. “Clothing is the number two industry responsible for slave labor in the world. If I want you to feel free in the clothing we create, it must be made with free hands from day one. Fast Fashion is alive and well with the cost of just about everything going up, and it’s near impossible to be perfect at it. You can always trust Contour to provide a sweat-shop free clothing for your closet!”

Contour Creative Explore Washington State 2020 Gift Guide

Something For Everyone

Over the years, my love for Devan’s work ethic, positivity and grit have grown. She is a source of light, support and encouragement, something that we could all need more of in our daily lives. 

From leggings, tank tops, hats, stickers and more – there is something for everyone at Contour Creative. When shopping this holiday season, make sure to use “EWS15” to enjoy 15% off of your purchase! 

And honestly, who could say no to this hoodie? Ideal for hiking in Fall, bumming around the house, or working from home! I also love that it’s gender neutral – imagine how great it would look on a couple!

Devan’s favorite spot in Washington? The Peninsula. Devan and her husband make a camping trip out there each fall, either on their motorcycles, car or borrowed RV. “There’s so much beauty over there, from the mountains to the sea, and many of my favorite designs have come to life on unplugged trips out there.” 

Want to learn more about Devan and her process? Make sure to give our podcast episode with her a listen!

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