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Hey guys, and welcome back to Explore Washington State’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide. Up next we’ve got Cecelia Stitch!

Founded in 2017, owner Eve, found herself tired of managing other peoples’ businesses, which led to her creating Cecelia Stitch. Originally from New England, she hopped around the country before settling in Seattle. “The closeness of the mountains and water to a pretty manageable city was alluring.”

Cecelia Stitch stockings Explore Washington State Gift Guide 2020


So, what does she make? As she would say: utilitarian products. From waxed canvas aprons, leather envelope wallet clutches to her infamous leather bottomed wool and waxed canvas bags – each item is handmade by Eve in Seattle. 

She draws her inspiration from “Craftspeople who consider the quality of the material they are using and the impact they will have on the environment are truly the heroes and her inspiration.”

Eve is a mom, and hopes to one day pass along her trade to one (or both!) of her young children. She starts her day with an espresso from her local coffee shop, Lighthouse Roasters and gets right into the studio. With the hopes of expanding her studio to a workshop or shop, she is dedicated to making items that will last and shine for years to come. 

Everything this mom and businesswoman makes is in small batches. “Cut from thoughtfully curated materials and quality leather hides.” She takes her time, and boy does it make her items shine!

One of my favorite things she wrote to me, when exchanging about the gift guide, is the following:

“When you shop with Cecelia Stitch you’re supporting a business that also supports a supply chain of American made materials and ethically made within the U.S. economy, and not a large conglomerate. Real people working with their hands, an age old skill and tradition.”

Cecelia Stitch Pendleton stocking Explore Washington State Gift Guide 2020


My top recommendations for shopping Cecelia Stitch this holiday season? Her petite PNW Christmas stocking.  Made with genuine Pendleton wool and canvas, you can customize a stocking for anyone on your list! (If you’re planning on ordering in November or December, please note 2-3 weeks for production time!) 

Cecelia Stitch eye mask Explore Washington State Gift Guide 2020

This stocking is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face, but it wouldn’t be a true gift guide if I didn’t mention another product of hers that I’m adding to my own wish list! 

As any parent, or generally just exhausted person will know (and we all know one or the other!) getting a good night’s sleep depends on so many factors. Help make your favorite exhausted persons nights even easier with a delightful sleep mask!

Again, it’s made with Pendleton wool, which is sure to help eyes close easier at night. It’s lightweight and lined with a silky soft satin charmeuse. Being lightweight, it’s ideal for any season of the year, and the adjustable head straps ensure it will fit whoever you’re purchasing it for. My advice? This is a perfect stocking stuffer, or a white elephant gift! 

Eve’s favorite drive in Washington? The Yakima Canyon River Scenic Byway

We can’t wait to hear what you think of Cecelia Stitch, so make sure to drop a comment below, and let us know! 

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