Free Bird Espresso Okanogan, Washington Day 28 of the 100 Cups of Coffee in 100 Days Project

Free Bird Coffee Shop Okanogan Washington

Grocery Store Coffee?  Say What!

While out in Okanogan for my “day job” we stopped into the IGA grocery store to grab a few snacks to keep us going for a bit. Free Bird Espresso is located at the front of the store and it immediately caught my eye. Now as you know I have tried coffee from converted gas stations but so far, no grocery store coffees. Glad I decided to give Free Bird Espresso a try.

The entire experience was great. Friendly, good coffee, great vibes. This place is a winner!

Insert 70’s Southern Rock Joke here. =)

Sign on building for Free Bird Coffee in Okanogan Washington

Edie and walked up the coffee bar and we were greeted by two very friendly baristas. I ordered my drip coffee as I am known to do. I explained that I am visiting 100 Coffee Shops in 100 Days and they started asking me questions. After a very nice conversation I poured myself a cup of Blue Star Coffee out of an air pot and sat down.

It was all I could do to not ask if they could play Free Bird on the sound system…. I guess my age and my lack of maturity are showing….. Play Free Bird espresso………

The coffee was very good. Temperature was great and it was fresh tasting which I am finding is not common with coffees from air pots. Free Bird Espresso serves Blue Star Coffee Roasters Highway 20 House Blend which is a blend of organic coffees crafted for a smooth cup of coffee. Let’s table my comments on Blue Star Coffees for now. Check back as I will be visiting Blue Star and will be posting more about them in the near future. (I will update this post when I publish my Blue Star visit.) For the purpose of this article the coffee was delicious and was very satisfying. Tasty Coffee. Check!

Free Bird Coffee Coffee in cup on table

Makes me think of my dad.

Free Bird Espresso has a nice clean looking shop. With a large bank of windows, the space is bright and open feeling. The seating area is not particularly large, but it is comfortable. They have nice selection of coffee beans, mugs, and logo swag available. The logo is a good one. I like the style they have created. Free Bird also has a drive through at the other end of town. If you’re driving through and don’t want to stop grab a coffee, there. If you want to stretch your legs and get a tasty coffee make sure you visit the location in the IGA.

My dad used to meet a group of his grocery buddies at a grocery store in the Tacoma area. The used to go on dollar coffee day and would make sure they got every penny’s worth of coffee. This is one of the first shops that I have visited to this point that made me think of my dad. Had he lived in Okanogan he would of most likely had a regular table and would of been a regular. I know he would of loved the coffee here. Fond Memories. Check.

Swag and Coffee at Free Bird Coffee in Okanagon Washington

Where to find

You can visit Free Bird Espresso at 310 2nd Ave S Okanogan, Washington 98840. They also have a drive through location at 326 2nd Ave N Okanogan, WA 99840.  Check out their Instagram feed or you can find them on Facebook.  It would be best though to stop in and see them and when you do stop in tell them you heard about them from Explore Washington State.

This wraps up day Twenty-Eight of One Hundred. Where will I be having coffee tomorrow?  Check back and see. Have you been to Free Bird Coffee in Okanogan? Share your thoughts below. Do you have a favorite coffee shop? Send me the name and address of any shops that you think I should go to.

Why 100 Cups of Coffee in 100 Days? Read my original article here.

Scott Cowan

A lifelong resident of Washington who grew up in Tacoma, and spent his six freshman years attending CWU in Ellensburg, Scott’s professional life was spent in Olympia, Seattle and Tacoma. Deciding that the traffic on the west side was too much, Scott moved with his family to Wenatchee where they are settling in and finding that there is life after the daily commute. With a passion for good caffeine, hard ciders, and pizza along with the scenic beauty of Washington State you will find Scott out and about in Washington State looking for that next magical cup of coffee.

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