For the Littlest Ones: 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

As a mom, I know how difficult it can be for others to find a present for my kids. Walking into a toy store is overwhelming, purchasing a clothing item is so often hit or miss for kids, and honestly, kids change their minds every five seconds about what they like (or don’t). Here are four brands that I’ve found that both my kids and I love. 


Slumberkins! If you’ve followed us on Instagram for the last year, you’ve seen me showing off our growing collection of stuffed animals from this Spokane-based company. Slumberkins’ goal is to encourage emotional growth between caregivers and children, and they do it wonderfully. With over a dozen animals or themes to shop by, there is something for every child out there. From their Stress Relief collection to Family Change, Gratitude, Growth Mindset, and so much more: this is a must-have for me now. 

Every animal comes with a book that covers one of the mentioned topics (or more) to read together. They have made sure to the books are not only engaging but use very neutral language to make sure it fits for any situation the child/adult may be in. Our personal favorites are the Bigfoot (Self Esteem) and Otter (Family Bonding). Created by a family therapist and educator, their mission is to prepare children to thrive in the modern world. I would also recommend checking out their Backpack that is easily adjustable for toddlers or children that love to be in the great outdoors, or for school! 


PNW Littles

PNW Littles says it best, “Simple, Screen Printed, Mama Made Apparel For the Littles You Love Most” and it’s true. PNW Littles is my go-to brand when shopping for new parents for the very simple reason: the fabric is extremely soft, stains are easy to remove, and she is making gender-neutral clothing. The creator, Justine, is a former elementary school teacher turned full-time stay-at-home mom who found her creative side. 

One of the things I dreaded the most when someone bought my kids clothing in the past was if I was going to actually like it. That isn’t to say we wouldn’t use the items if we didn’t like them, but PNW Littles makes it easy to match Justine’s shirts and onesies with anything. My favorites include the “Grow Wildly Tee” and the “Made of Sunshine Romper Shortie.”

If you know a new mom, don’t forget to check out her “For Mom” section where she is always adding new items. 

Mirus Toys

Mirus Toys makes it even easier when shopping this holiday season. When you head to their homepage, just select “buying a gift” and jump into the world of Nature Inspired Montessori & Waldorf Educational Toys. Without going on a long-winded rant of why we love open-ended, wooden toys, let’s just say these educational toys are bound to excite any child you’re shopping for without being pretentious. 

From science & nature to language arts and math toys, owner Suba turns playtime into a subtle learning time. Based in Vancouver, Washington, one of my favorite items is the “Constellation tiles.” Bringing in the night sky into the home, they are designed to mimic different constellations that you can choose from: animals in the sky, zodiac, or any 4 or 6 tiles that you prefer.

If you’re shopping for an older child, I would recommend checking out the “Wooden perpetual calendar” which showcases the seasons, moon phases, months, days & weather. It allows the child to see the subtle differences in their daily life throughout the year. 

educational gifts

Sweetpea and Boy

Last but not least, Sweetpea and Boy. This Tacoma-based clothing company makes men’s, women’s, and kids clothing to shout your love for Washington and the Pacific Northwest. What more could we all want? 

Options range from onesies with fun mountain designs to sweatshirts to show off your Husky, Mount Rainier, or Seahawks Pride.  I’ve been following them for a few years now on Instagram, and what really draws me to Sweetpea and Boy is that they are a husband & wife team making adventure clothing (that is easy to find for adults) for kids, which we’ve all been missing out on! 

With it now being Winter, make sure to check out their long sleeve tops and pullovers! Don’t forget when purchasing for kids, it’s usually a good idea to size up to make sure they will get use out of their new favorite item for longer. 

“I hope you enjoyed this fun list of items! Make sure to check out our entire gift guide here. While you’re reading, make sure to tune into our podcast to learn more about several of our featured businesses. We’d love to see you share this gift guide with your friends and family this holiday season, share the love below.”

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