Explore Washington State Videos

An afternoon drive through Gig Harbor

Boutique shopping, easy access to a marina, sharp neighborhoods and an incredible amount of waterfront real estate make Gig Harbor pretty fun to visit.

Also, it seems to be where every airplane pilot in the Puget Sound chooses to live. No idea why…

If you’re headed out to the Olympic Peninsula, this can be a good spot to grab lunch and take in the waterfront. Also golfing. And an airport. Etc… Find out more about Gig Harbor here.

Five Mile Drive & Fort Nisqually

New and old growth forests! Hiking paths! A cool old fort with actors (re-enactors….actors that re-act…impersonactors…hmmm…)! Local wildlife like a deer that you can barely see that scurried into the bushes in front of us!

Have we hyped this up enough yet? In truth, seeing Ft Nisqually and the whole five mile drive is very relaxing. We didn’t stop to look at the scenic viewpoints along the way, but you definitely should check them out if you have the time, especially on a clear or sunny day.

I know… do as I say, not as I do… If you want to read a little more about the area, you can find our article on Point Defiance Park here. Happy exploring!

Exploring Olympia Washington

We take a quick tour of Washington’s state capitol. There are a ton of beautiful areas in Olympia to explore, but if we had to choose one of them, we’d say that Capitol Lake is the place to start. Happy exploring!

Brown’s Point in 30 seconds!

The best way to get an overview of Browns Point Lighthouse park when you’re crunched for time…see our full write-up here:

Brown’s Point Article.

Exploring Tacoma Washington

A little compilation from our drive around Tacoma in May of 2017.  Join us for a quick peak at what Tacoma looks like on a sunny spring day!

Puyallup Farmers Market in 1 Minute

Ignoring the strange looks from all those we passed on the sidewalk, we took a stroll with a camera through Pioneer Park in Puyallup on a Saturday afternoon. Needless to say, it’s a busy place…

Polar Bears playing at Point Defiance Zoo

Wouldn’t want to get in between these two guys!

Sharks at the Point Defiance Aquarium

A short video of sharks swimming at the aquarium in the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma Washington.