Explore Washington State is working to showcase and support Washington State businesses, artists, and creators. At the same time, the Team at EWS wants to lift up your spirits during these uncertain and stressful times. Throughout the month of May, we will be doing just that! During May we will be featuring Washington State businesses, giving away great products, art, and more on our social media channels.

As we give away great, locally made items, we’d like to talk about the brands we are working with. Today we’re highlighting two of our favorites: Salt Blade and Belly Rub Spices

making sausages

Salt Blade

Salt Blade is a Seattle based company handcrafting high-quality meats. Founded in 2013 by Bob Blade, Salt Blade has a focus on sustainable farming and uses meat from Olsen Farms in Colville, Washington. Olsen Farms raises Berkshire, Duroc and Tamworth pigs that feast on barley that grows throughout the farm.

Bob spent years of his life researching the global issues that surrounds farming and our food chain. Armed with that knowledge, paired with a background as a software engineer and a love of food, he began sourcing locally-raised animals and began testing out his salami making.

packages of sausages
salt blade sausages

Now, years later, we are all able to enjoy handcrafted meats from Salt Blade. With salami flavors from Orange & Coriander, to the classic pepperoni, Seattle Stick, Chorizo and more, you’ll be able to taste the difference in quality.


You can purchase online, or at the following shops in Washington and across the country.

spice rubs
making spice rubs

Belly Rub Spices

Since we are talking about meat, we can’t forget Belly Rub! An Explore Washington State Team favorite. Jim Hunger, a former executive chef in fine dining, turned his passion into a business. With handmade spice blends, Jim is always thinking of what to do next.

Right now he has three blends: The Everything Rub, Coffee Rub and Bold & Spicy Rub.  What we love about these blends is that they are all-natural. He doesn’t use fillers, sugar or MSG. They are also gluten-free, keto and paleo-friendly! This is the perfect way to add bold flavor to everything from vegetables to grilled meats to scrambled eggs.

Not convinced you should try a blend just yet? Just read the reviews!

This has turned into my favorite rub (and I have a ton and have used more than I care to admit. The balance on this Rub is 10/10 and it has just enough kick to it that you know you are truly using a “Bold & Spicy” Rub. It is absolutely FANTASTIC on chicken. I use the Belly Rub “Coffee” Rub and mix in a little Bold & Spicy” for beef and its 10/10 awesome.”

Each blend is hand mixed by himself in a professional kitchen in the greater Seattle area. Nothing like supporting a small, local business! You can check him out on Facebook as well for some fun ways to use the spices. We recommend his Belly Rub Keto Cheese Biscuits!

belly rub spice rub

Enter to Win!

Ready to enter to win a selection of products from these Washingtno makers? Follow this link for instructions and entry: Salt Blade and Belly Rub Giveaway