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Susan’s Garden Tour (Sunday)

Susan’s Garden Tour (Sunday)



June 9
1:30 pm - 2:30 pm
Come and explore the beauty of our community members personal gardens and learn about the techniques and practices they each use!

There is so much collective garden wisdom in our community!

Check out what these gardeners are doing by signing up to visit and learn from them. This series of ‘Gardens Opened’ is happening in lieu of the annual garden tour sponsored by Sustainable NE Seattle, and seeks to educate and support those who are looking for ideas and inspiration to further their gardening adventures. Each garden is open at a certain time, so be sure to sign up for the ones you are interested in visiting.

Susan’s Garden

Type-Food Garden

Our garden combines fruits, berries, vegetables, herbs as well as ornamental plants. We have backyard chickens as well. Our garden is established and productive. We can talk about raising chickens, drip irrigation, soil improvement, and growing veggies in containers.

Please note that people are opening their own gardens for these tours so please be respectful by showing up on time and letting us know if you will not be able to come.