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Spring Paint Along with Watercolor Artist Shelby Thayne

Spring Paint Along with Watercolor Artist Shelby Thayne

Grab your watercolor paints and join artist Shelby Thayne in Zoom for a 2-hour paint along that will prepare you for all your adventures.

Spring Paint-A-Long – Watercolor Class with Shelby Thayne

Let’s get ready for warmer weather by pulling out our sketchbooks and plein air watercolor supplies.

Join Shelby Thayne for this watercolor class where we will paint layered mountain scenes to strengthen our art skills and get ready for capturing our adventures through art all summer long! We’ll warm-up with practice exercises and quick, loose watercolor sketches, and then work through the steps of a final painting together. We’ll test colors, shapes, and effects for capturing a scene, as well as various composition options to create different effects on our final painting.

In this class you’ll

  • Learn how Shelby sets up her supplies and uses her sketchbook for on location painting
  • Review and practice the basics of watercoloring
  • Apply principles and tricks that will help you work with your art supplies on the go
  • Paint your own mountain scene(s) alongside Shelby
  • Build your creative confidence for using art to capture memories of your favorite adventures

The most important thing to bring with you is your curiosity and sense of adventure. Shelby believes strongly that art works best when it is playful and we embrace the process of creating more than the final product.

The following art supplies will also be helpful :

  • Watercolor paints: bring your favorite colors, and be sure to have a blue, yellow, and pink for color-mixing
  • Paintbrush: Shelby recommends starting with round watercolor brushes. One brush that is between a size 8-12, and one that is smaller for detail (size 0-2 would work well). The most common sizes Shelby paints with are round 14, round 8, and round 1.
  • Watercolor Paper or sketchbook — A good starting paper is Canson XL 140lb watercolor paper. I like to have a 9x12in piece for practice and sketching, and then a few smaller pieces for painting. Or you can paint directly in your sketchbook.
  • (Paper) Towels for cleaning brushes and water control
  • Water — 2-3 cups of water means you don’t have to keep switching it out
  • Palette or plate — a surface for mixing your colors, ceramic works best

Helpful extras:

  1. Pencil, Black Pen, and White Paint Pen — for extra details
  2. Painter’s tape — to tape down your paper if you are working
  3. Blow-dryer or heat gun — to speed up the drying process!

Meet the Instructor

Shelby Thayne is a watercolor artist and owner of Shelby Thayne Art. She lives in Eastern Idaho with her husband and two children. She’s a self-proclaimed creativity enthusiast, an accidental artist, and just a little mountain-obsessed. She especially loves sharing the joy of creativity through her watercolor classes.

See a list of Shelby’s favorite watercolor supplies here!

For questions about class or supplies, please email Shelby at: pennandlightcreative@gmail.com