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Soul Jar: Thirty-one Fantastical Tales by Disabled Authors

Soul Jar: Thirty-one Fantastical Tales by Disabled Authors



Village Books and Paper Dreams
1200 11th Street
Bellingham, WA 98225 United States
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Join Village Books in welcoming three contributors of Soul Jar, the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association 2023 Buzz Book!

About the book

Too often, science fiction and fantasy stories erase—or cure—characters with disabilities. Soul Jar features thirty-one stories by disabled authors, imagining such wonders as a shapeshifter on a first date, skin that sprouts orchid buds, and a cereal-box demon. This thrillingly peculiar collection sparkles with humor, heart, and insight.

About the contributors

Annie Carl was born with a rare spinal disability (lipomeningomyelocele – according to Seattle Children’s Hospital 1 in 10,000 children are born with this condition) and is a Stage IV Non-Hodgkins survivor. She manages an ANCA Vasculitis autoimmune disorder on a daily basis. Annie regularly visits writing groups and trade shows to advocate for disabled diversity and positive disabled representation in books, TV shows, and movies. She reads massive quantities of science fiction, fantasy, and romance; knits; is a pole dancer; and hangs out with her goofy family and friends. Annie is the author of My Tropey Life: How Pop Culture Stereotypes Make Disabled Lives Harder (Microcosm Publishing, 2020), Nebula Vibrations (Vertavolta Design + Press, 2022), and is the editor of Soul Jar: Thirty-One Fantastical Tales by Disabled Authors (Forest Avenue Press, 2023). Find Annie on Instagram at @anniecarlwrites.

Lily-Marie Jurich is a Type 1 Diabetic living in Edmonds, Washington. She enjoys reading, acting, and writing everything from short stories to poems. When she can, she loves to re-watch Marvel movies. She loves spending time with her friends and family, and especially with her pets.

Ellis Bray is a science fiction author and poet who lives in the PNW and hates the recent addition of a Fire Season to the regular Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall lineup. His fiction focuses on living with disabilities (visible and invisible) and the lasting effects of childhood trauma. He has a Master’s degree in Medieval Scandinavian Studies and if you don’t run away fast enough, he will download everything he knows about the Old Norse poem “Völuspá” at you. You can find his nonfiction in NewMyths and the SciPhi Journal (under SP Hofrichter); his poetry at Eye To the Telescope and F&SF; and his ramblings on Twitter @flytingnwriting.


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