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Recycled Art Show @ Fogue- opening reception

Recycled Art Show @ Fogue- opening reception



July 13
10:00 am - 2:00 pm


Fogue Studios & Gallery
Airport Way South
Seattle, Washington 98108 United States

8th Annual juried art show of recycled art, organized by Seattle Recycled Arts.
Opening reception July 13, 5-9 during the Georgetown Art Attack.
The show runs July 6-August 24.
43 artists! And over 65 pieces of recycled art!!

Since 2015, we have led the effort to create interactive events to help promote Zero Waste through Art.


The purpose of the Seattle Recycled Arts is to educate and get the community excited  about Eco-friendly living, demonstrating the extensive range of creativity you can express with reclaimed materials in hopes of inspiring more artists to utilize the “re-claim” philosophy in creating their own artwork and lives. What better way to celebrate the beauty and importance of our earth than with earth friendly art!  

Who are we? We are a network of artists and activists here in the Pacific Northwest who are passionate about what we do.  We define “recycled art” as art created using a minimum 75% reclaimed materials in innovative, multilayered, intricate and unusual ways.

Some art falls into the Sustainability category which is wholesome and great for our planet! When we approach galleries for showing reclaimed artwork they are looking at our definition and photos of past events to determine if they want open their gallery space for such an event.

We are being asked to scrutinize each piece that is shown to determine if it truly meets the criteria, as most galleries offer us a very limited space, which is painfully hard to sort through so many entries.

We are looking for the pieces that stand out as obviously reclaimed materials. (Note: material”S”, not just one item that was used and modified, but several obvious items that makup that piece.) Taking a piece of plywood and painting on it with leftover paint is sustainable, yet this does not showcase the innovative, intricate, and or unusual aspects the galleries are looking to show.

Don’t get us wrong, we want to show the breadth of all the various sustainable and reclaimed work that is out there.  We are being pushed to find the unusual, innovative and intricately designed pieces to showcase for these galleries.

Our vision is to be a network to the local reclaimed artist community to promote their works through events. To connect volunteer educators to the local schools and organizations who are focused on being better stewards of our planet. To make all our events free for both artists and community so all can participate and learn to be better stewards.

We believe art fuels innovation and collaboration, which add to the culture of the community. By focusing on creating durable art from items destined for the landfill, we bring value back to the community. This is a catalyst for social and intellectual enrichment by bringing the community together to create, experience, and discuss recycled art and to foster the cultural and personal connections among artists, environmental stewards, and the community.


  • 2017 Our First Event

    • Juried Art Show of over 30 local artists showing 80 pieces of art.

  • 2018 hosted at the Phinney Neighborhood Center

    • Juried Art Show consisted of 57 artists showing over 100 pieces of art.

    • Wearable Fashion Catwalk Show with 7 Designers and 21 Outfits

    • Outdoor Sculpture Garden

    • Art Cars, Interactive Booths, Fix-it Clinic, Donation Drive, and much more.

  • 2019 We were a featured event at Georgetown Carnival / Art Attack

    • Fashion show 14 designers with 24 Outfits

    • Juried Art: 80 Artists showing over 130 pieces of Artwork.

    • New this Year – Vending, 9 vendors raved about the event.

    • Artists in Action – demonstrations by 6 featured artists.

    • St Vincent de Paul Donation Drive

    • Outdoor Sculpture Garden.

    • Art Cars hosted by Kelly Lyles

    • Interactive Booths by Seattle ReCreative & Ignition NW.

  • 2020 We were faced with last minute changes and challenges due to Covid-19.

    • Our Spring “Zero Waste” Popup Market was made into a Virtual page.

    • Fouge Studios hosted 13 artist in a Virtual Gallery Show.

    • Fall Virtual Fashion Show live streamed.

  • 2021 Our Fifth Anniversary!

    • We worked with the Schack Art Center -Recycled Art Show

    • Fouge Studios hosted 25 artist in a in-person show. With some vending on opening night.

    • Virtual Fashion Show Live Stream on You Tube on Nov 13th.

  • 2022 Our funding was drying up and the competitive nature of grants was hard. We dropped the fashion show this year.

    • We were invited to be part of the Eileen Fisher REnew – Chop Challenge at Columbia City Gallery with several textile artist creating works using Eileen Fisher damaged textiles to create art!

    • Fouge Studios hosted several artists for our annual event with some vending on opening night.

    • Seattle ReCreative invited artist to show works at their temporary Belltown site for the summer.

  • 2023

    • Our annual juried art show was an open call for art. It will be hosted at both Fogue Studios & Gallery and whippersnapper Gallery & Events in Georgetown. Opening reception July 8.

    • We are looking at hosting some textile workshops this fall.


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