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Kula Creatives: A Free Monthly Paint Night – June

Kula Creatives: A Free Monthly Paint Night – June

Come paint with us! Join us each month for a FREE virtual paint night in Zoom!

This is event is hosted by Kula Cloth — the very first of its kind, next-level technical antimicrobial pee cloth. We host events to build a sense of community and to foster friendships around the globe. It is our hope to create a ripple effect of camaraderie and goodwill that will literally change the world. Check out the Kula Academy Calendar for a complete list of classes and events.

Add a little color to your June!

Kula Creatives has been creating art and friendships for over two years now! We hope that you will join us to paint, draw and chat. We’ll start the June meetup with a 1 minute blind contour drawing. Bring a Micron pen if you have one (or something dark to draw with). After the blind contour drawing feel free to work on whatever it is that you enjoy most.

For those of you that are new to Kula Creatives!

We’ve been conducting a little experiment and want to invite you to join us for the artistic adventure. If you love art — whether that’s watercolor painting, pen & ink drawings, sketching, oil pastels, wood burning, clay or other mediums, we hope you’ll join us for some artistic camaraderie in the Kulaverse.

This is a FREE monthly art night for anyone who loves the creative process.

This is not a lesson! It’s an opportunity, to get to know other artists, aspiring artists and creative people.

The Goal is to Create Creative Connections and Friendships

The goal of paint night is to create connections between creative people. You don’t have to be an artist. You just have to have a love of art and the courage to show up. This is a forum to share your passion for art and to encourage and inspire like minded people.


Each Wednesday night for the past three years, Kula’s Director of Chaos and Fun, Allison Tapert, and Kula’s Creative Director Amanda McIntyre, and Kula Artist Shelby Thayne have been painting together. It started simply with a desire to learn to paint. But after months of painting and lots of chatting, it turned into friendships that we value immensely.

We thought it would be nice to open our paint night to others to facilitate connections and friendships. If you love to paint and want the camaradier of other artists, please join us for these monthly paint nights.

Bring Your Favorite Art Supplies!

  • Watercolor paper or other medium
  • Watercolor Paints, Acrylics, Gouache, pastels, pencils,
  • Black Pen
  • Paint Brushes
  • Clay

If you do not consider yourself an artist, but want to join us and don’t know what to bring. Contact allison@kulacloth.com for some suggested materials. It’s the Kulaverse and anything goes. Come play with us!