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Beginner to Advanced Snowshoeing and Outdoor Snow Travel & Camping

Beginner to Advanced Snowshoeing and Outdoor Snow Travel & Camping



November 19
8:00 am - 4:00 pm
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9981 Central Valley Rd NE
9981 Central Valley Rd NE
Bremerton, WA 98311 us

The Peninsula Wilderness Club sponsors this class. Donations to cover facility use are greatly appreciated. Bring your lunch and a cooler of your favorite beverage because this is a long day.

This class is designed to teach you how to research, plan, and participate in outings regarding snowshoe travel and snowshoe mountaineering.

**The downloadable pdf Student Guide which goes along with the class is located at:**


Snowshoe apparel and equipment will be presented along with the correct application of each.

An overview of snow reading (not snow whispering) and avalanche conditions is included in the presentation along with malady’s that can occur in winter conditions and the correct first aid for the situation.

Accidents in North American Mountaineering will be discussed as they relate to PNW snow conditions.

Don’t forget, THIS IS GOING TO BE FULL DAY. Bring lunch and something to drink! If you send me your email address to 672terry AT gmail, Looking over the student guide referenced above will get you to bring good questions to the class.

With tons of material to cover, we will start at 8 sharp.

Our thanks to the VFW for renting us this facility for the class.