Episode 47: Madison Ford

Show Notes

Welcome to Exploring Washington State Episode 47 Featuring Madison Ford. Madison is the Director of Tourism and Events for Kittitas County Chamber of Commerce. It is obvious that Madison is proud to call Kittitas County home.  She is a graduate of Central Washington University and like many before her found the charms of Ellensburg to be too much to resist. Madison is now able to help promote responsible recreation in her own backyard.

Madison Ford Director of Tourism Kittitas County Chamber of Commerce


During our conversation Madison shares so many great ideas of things to do and places to see throughout Kittitas County.  If you are into skiing you can hit the slops at Snoqualmie Pass. Perhaps you want to get out on the water? Enjoy the Columbia River at Vantage.  Are you a bird watcher?  The Yakima River Canyon is one of the best places in the United States to watch birds. During our conversation Madison shares even more places to get outside to enjoy nature in Kittitas County.

Perhaps you want to spend time indoors? No problem.  Madison tells us where to go and taste local beers or experience local wineries.  Find local art galleries and spend the afternoon looking at  what local artists are creating.  When you're hungry you will hear about some great places to grab a bite to eat. There is so much to see and do in Kittitas County.

There is much more to Kittitas County than simply driving through on I-90.  You will learn a lot by listening to this episode.  Next time you drive from Seattle to Spokane or from Spokane to Seattle you will have a bunch of new places to get out and stretch your legs.



After you listen to this episode you will be planning your next weekend getaway to Central Washington!





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