Episode 44: Jesse Butterworth

February 15, 2021
Show Notes

Episode 44 of the Exploring Washington State features with Jesse Butterworth. Jesse is the lead singer of The West Coast Feed.  He also has recorded a solo album that will be released in 2021.


Butterworth-2020-Carly-Bish-Photography-101During this episode Jesse shares stories about The West Coast Feed and how the band came about after a visit to Austin Texas. We learn of his early musical influences.  I will just say that his parents record collection was very cool. We talk about his songwriting and how his solo music is different from what The West Coast Feed performs. He recorded his solo album All The Gold I've Struck at Abbey Road Studios.  His stories about Abbey Road are pure gold. Spoiler alert he went full on Fan Boy during his time at the studio. He wrapped up recording and returned home just before everyone went into lockdown due to COVID.  Jesse will be releasing his album later in 2021.

We learn how Jesse ended up in Washington State. Earlier in his musical career Jesse and his band The Daily Planet moved from California to Nashville.  He broke his leg during a performance and that band ended up going in separate directions.  After a long recovery Jesse and his family moved to Washington State where he and his wife founded Rain City Church.

We talk about how artists are navigating and surviving during the pandemic. Jesse has recently completed a live show at The Seasons Performance Hall in Yakima. Jesse shares his thoughts on live-streaming. and how venues and performers working together to help keep the venues open.

Jesse is a great story teller and this episode is a great listen.  Grab something to drink and learn more about Jesse Butterworth The Six String Rocketeer.


Some of the Places, Bands, and People  Mentioned in this Episode

Jesse Butterworth

The West Coast Feed

Kishi Bashi

The Head and the Heart

McCaw Hall

Summer Concerts at Chateau Ste. Michelle

Abbey Road Studios

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