Episode 42: Stephanie Anne Johnson

Show Notes

Stephanie Anne Johnson joins the Exploring Washington State  podcast for episode 42.


Stephanie Anne Johnson With Guitar in forest

Photo by Jean June photography


In this episode we chat with Stephanie Anne Johnson about music and her band The Hidogs.  Growing up in Tacoma, Stephanie found music at an early age.  Jason Lee Middle School, Stadium High School, Pacific Lutheran University all were institutions that helped Stephanie Anne grow as a musician.  From singing on cruse ships to appearing  on The Voice their journey has been an interesting one.

We chat about Tacoma, music, culture, and much more. Throughout the entire conversation it is obvious that music is the passion that fuels the creativity of this artist.

Learn more about Stephanie Anne Johnson and The Hidogs.  Make sure you listen to their music and add them to your playlists.  Tacoma is certainly lucky to have such a musically talent artist to call their own.


Some of the Places, Bands, and People  Mentioned in this Episode

Stephanie Anne Johnson's Website

Stephanie Anne Johnson on YouTube

Stephanie Anne Johnson and the Hidogs on Facebook

KNNX Radio


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