Episode 37: PNW Cider Girl Ava Davis.

January 21, 2021
Show Notes

Welcome to Exploring Washington State Episode 37. Our conversation today is with Ava Davis.

Ava is an avid hiker and cider enthusiast.  She combines her love for hiking and ciders. Many of her cider reviews show the cider at some location on one of her hikes.  Her social media is full of cider in beautiful outdoor settings.

Ava also completed 52 hikes in 52 weeks in 2020.    How does someone complete 52 hikes in a year?  Ava explains how she managed to hit her target and shares some tips and tricks of how to be prepared to have a successful hiking experience.

Lots of conversation about ciders and how Washington State is one of the hot spots in the world for cider.  We chat about good places to get a cider in Tacoma.

If you like hiking you will like this episode. If you like cider you will like this episode.  You will like this episode because Ava Davis is lot of fun to listen to.

Some of the Places Mentioned in this Episode

Instagram PNW Cider Girl 

PNW Cider Girl Facebook

Pommes and Pints

Incline Cider Company 


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