Episode 34: Wanz 2 the Sequel

January 11, 2021
Show Notes

Welcome to Exploring Washington State Episode 34. Featuring Wanz!

This is the second episode of our Music Monday's series.  Every Monday we will have a conversation with a Washington State music icon. Musicans

Featuring my long time friend, former roommate, and family member Michael "Wanz" Wansley.  We are going to cover over 40 years of his musical journey.

This episode features part two of my conversation with Wanz.  We cover life and music in Ellensburg during the 1980's Stories of The Ranch one of the most iconic music venues in Washington State.  We talk about other venues and about other bands that performed in Ellensburg and on campus at CWU.  Wrapping up this episode we touch on moving to the big city Seattle.

Wanz and Wog at Wamu

Wanz and Wog at Wamu Theater in Seattle

Some of the Places Mentioned in this Episode

The Ranch Tavern

The Tav

Central Washington University


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