Episode 29: Locust Cider

Show Notes

Jason Spears of Locust Cider & Brewing joins us for episode 29 of the Exploring Washington State Podcast.

In this episode we learn how Locust became the only name possible when it was time for Jason to name his company. The episode drops right into the origin story of the name and Jason shares his story.

Like many businesses Locust Cider has a mission.  Jason shares with us the mission for Locust Cider and how the company is built to donate a portion of all cider sales to help find treatment for people suffering from Hydrocephalus.

An uncommon condition that is caused by the continued buildup of brain fluid.  His young daughter Lucy has this condition.  Jason and Locust are committed to helping fund research to help find treatment and a cure.

Jason found his way to the cider world almost by accident.  He was having troubles with sensitivity to beer.  As a beer lover this was discouraging.  During evening out with friends Jason was introduced to Cider. This chance encounter led to research and experimentation. The result is Locust Cider.  With 11 Tap Rooms in Washington State and facilities in Texas and Colorado Locust has grown at an impressive rate since they opened their doors in 2015.

Washington State currently produces approximately 60% of all apples grown in the United States.  However, the apples grown in Washington are mostly eating apples. Making cider with sweet apples is sometimes challenging. We learn how experimentation with apples and other ingredients is an important part of the development process of Locust ciders.


Listen and find out more about Cider, Locust Cider, and more.  Jason will share with us his interest in virtual bicycle racing. (which sounds very cool) Jason was in the Woodinville tap room when we recorded this episode you will hear other sounds which were the crew working and packaging cider to ship to customers.


Some of the Places Mentioned in this Episode

Locust Cider and Brewing


Dicks Drive In

Jerry Baker Velodrome


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