Episode 27: Explore Washington State Gift Guide

Show Notes

Episode 27 of the Exploring Washington State Podcast showcases The Explore Washington State 2020 Gift Guide. Our  2nd annual Washington State themed gift guide is available to help you with your holiday gift giving needs.  MacKenzie Passegger shares her thoughts on each vendor and gives additional information on how/why they were selected to be in the guide.

Artists and Vendors Mentioned in this Episode

  • 2232 Ceramics. Handmade pottery made in Spokane. Mugs, planters, and more.




  • Mack Provisions. Vintage Baseball gloves turned into handmade wallets and keepsakes.


  • Kula Cloth. Reusable antimicrobial pee cloths. For hiking  and camping.








  • Salt Blade.  Artisan handmade salami.  Wide variety of varieties.


  • EQPD.  Function meets form. Lifetime bags to help you keep you life organized.


  • Cascadia Modern. Scratch off posters. Check out our Explore Washington State Bucket List Poster.


  • Staheekum. Environmentally friendly footwear for the entire family.

Each episode will will have a chat with someone who has a great story to share about Washington State. From artists, to business owners.  Musicians to athletes Exploring Washington State will showcase the beauty and creativity here in Washington State.

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