The Needling is Skewering Seattle: Episode 134

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The Needling

The founder of The Needling Lex Vaughn is our guest for this episode.  The Needling is a satirical website that pokes fun at Seattle and the entire Puget Sound Region.

Space Needle leaning in front of evergreen treesThe Needling was launched in late 2018 and has been Seattle's Only Real Fake News source ever since.

Prior to The Needling Lex graduated from UC Berkley with a degree in Journalism and won a Pulitzer Prize for journalism covering the Oso Mudslide as a reporter for the Seattle Times. (she would most likely not approve of the grammar of this article)

From an early age Lex was exposed to humor by her dad. Mad Magazine, The Onion, and cartoons like Red and Stimpy helped influence Lex from an early age to appreciate Satire. After graduating from UC Berkeley Lex started as a newspaper reporter.  We chat about what it is like to be a news reporter and about headlines and the people who write them.

Now Lex is writing headlines that poke fun at all sorts of areas of life in Seattle and the greater Puget Sound.  We chat about some of the articles and how the public has responded to The Needling.

If you are interested in learning how to become a fake news journalist, The Needling has a workshop just for you. The most recent class has just started but they will be hosting more.  Check out the link below,.

Join us for a humorous episode and learn more about fake news and how to have a great sense of humor.


Some of the People and Places Mentioned in this Episode

The Needling

The Needling Real Fake News Workshop

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