Sidney Wayne Episode 133

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Sidney Wayne

is our guest for this episode.  Sidney is artist from the Puget Sound.  Growing up in Tacoma and eventually moving to Seattle. Starting off early in music Sidney eventually began to perform in bands in the Seattle area that were known for their choreography and tight set lists. We were introduced to Sidney by a previous guest Linda Zopfi.  Linda was booking performers for The Bite of Seattle when she and Sidney first met.  Years later their friendship continues.


During our conversation we chat about Sidney's memorable Earth Wind & Fire concert when he was around seven or eight and he took a portable cassette recorder to the show where he was able to record the show.  A tape he still listens to today. Later in life Sidney was able to be backstage and helping at one of EW&F's concert performances.  The sweaty fringe pants story is amazing!!


We chat about his DJ career and one of his upcoming projects The Tyler St. Gardens.  The gardens will be a club that celebrates inclusion and promises to be a community first  business from the back office to the front door.  The club will be opening in the Sodo district in Seattle sometime in 2023.  The permitting process in Seattle will ultimately determine the open date.


Sidney shares a story about "the time" he was onstage during a concert by The Time. Will not spoil the story.  Just listen and laugh. This episode has a lot of music related content that is sure to entertain you.
Additionally Sidney Wayne or Sidney Woodruff is an accomplished graphic designer and has begun to sell his artwork to the public.


Sydney Wayne original art piece call SKRAWBUI


Joy, darkness, and pain—

every emotion experienced

seeps into my art
We talk about his art and the journey he has taken to be in a place where his creativity is given a new canvas to work with.



Once again I am rewarded with another conversation with an interesting person who is doing interesting things in Washington State. Sidney Wayne is someone you need to know about.  Make sure you listen to the episode and then go and check out some of the links below especially Woodruff Guided and Tyler St. Gardens.  Both are very interesting and striving to make a positive contribution to our great state of Washington.



Some of the People and Places Mentioned in this Episode

Woodruff Guided

Tyler St. Gardens

Linda Zopfi

Cheney Stadium

Earth Wind and Fire

The Time



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