Amy Faulkner the Ringmaster of fun! Episode 120

October 15, 2021
Show Notes

Amy Faulkner, Gilly Wagon, and Seattle Cocktail Week.


In this episode we chat with Amy Faulkner of Gilly Wagon.Amy Faulkner Exploring Washington State Podcast Episode 120

Amy is the Ringmaster of Gilly Wagon the event planning company that brings Seattle Cocktail Week to life.

In addition to Seattle Cocktail Week,  Amy is involved in Seattle Cocktail Club,  Dead Men of Whiskey podcast, Bartender's Circle and Make Them Wobble.  Are you noticing a theme here?

During our conversation we chat about many places in Seattle to enjoy a well crafted cocktail.  Amy shared that Seattle is becoming known as city known for Rum.  Fun fact: the first Trader Vic's franchise was in Seattle.  Learn about this and other interesting factoids about bars, and beverages.

Seattle Cocktail Week Seattle Cocktail Week will be held February 27 through March 6, 2022.  This weeklong event celebrates Seattles cocktail scene. Featuring some of Seattle's best bars and the world's greatest liquor brands. Each of the bars will feature speciality cocktails to showcase their creative talents and to make your taste buds leap for joy!

The weeks grand tasting event Cocktail District will have over 200 different spirits to try.  Over 5,000 people are expected.  The event will feature live music, food trucks and 10 different themed tasting rooms. The Cocktail District will be held on March 5, 2022.  You can order tickets in advance here.

The Seattle Cocktail Club is a members only club that allows members to have exclusive invites to spirits related events like parties, classes, tastings and more.  The club has an app that will allow you to keep informed of all of the exciting cocktail related happenings around Seattle.

Dead Men of Whiskey LogoDead Men of Whiskey.  Now, that is a great title for a podcast. We are so jealous!  Amy and friends bring us the story of the men (and women) that are behind some of the most famous Whiskey brands in the world. Find out how Amy got started with the podcast and more.

Amy started a hobby blog in 2011 called Make Them Wobble....a site devoted to Jell-o-Shots....well actually gelatin shots. The tag line boozy adventures in gelatin gives you all the details. Amy shares how she created Drinksgiving and many other wobble shots.

Are you a fan of cocktails?  Looking for places to expand your cocktail knowledge? Amy is the guest you have been wanting to listen to!


Some of the People and Places Mentioned in this Episode

Gilly Wagon Event Planning

Seattle Cocktail Week

Seattle Cocktail Club

Dead Men of Whiskey Podcast

Make Them Wobble

Trader Vic's 


Inside Passage

And so many more.... you just have to listen and take notes during this episode!!


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