William Tolmie 1833 Expedition Episode 117

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1833 William Tolmie Meets 2021


In this episode we chat with Troy Moss and Jerry Kenyon.


Troy Moss and Jerry Kenyon standing on shore of Puget Sound


In 1833 William Tolmie went on an adventure to Mount Rainier.

Flash forward to  2021 Troy Moss and Jerry Kenyon recreated Tolmie's journey. In this episode we chat about their adventure.

Troy became inspired after a high school history teacher provided some of the backstory for William Tolmie.  Years later Troy and Jerry were able to organize and recreate the excursion. With the help of modern maps and technology Troy and Jerry were able to accurately determine the route Tolmie would have taken in 1833, 188 years later they struck out to trace the route.


William Tolmie PortraitDon't know who William Tolmie is?

Tolmie is credited with being the first non indigenous person to climb Mount Rainier high enough to determine there were glaciers on the mountain. William Tolmie was a doctor, scientist, political, and a friend to the areas Native Americans. Additionally Tolmie worked for the Hudson Bay Company,  He was in charge of Fort Nisqually for some time in his career.  Tolmie Peak and Tolmie State Park are named after him.  Tolmie also is important early Canadian history. William Tolmie was transferred to Vancouver Island in 1859 and became active managing the Hudson Bay Company there until he retired in 1871.



Meet Troy Moss and Jerry Kenyon

Troy Moss in front of monument

Troy Moss

Jerry and Troy are both avid hikers and climbers. Troy has summited Mount Rainier over a dozen times. Jerry likes to spend time doing deep off the grid journeys for days and weeks at a time. Both are experienced and well prepared outdoors enthusiasts.

Jerry Kenyon in front of monument

Jerry Kenyon

During our conversation Jerry and Troy share stories about their journey.  After months of planning they overlooked one thing.  The week that they were to go on the hike would be one of the hottest weeks in history in Puget Sound. During the journey temperatures were over 100 degrees.  Imagine walking for miles on paved roads with a backpack on your back in 100 degree plus temperatures.



What you will learn about

There are stories about sprinklers, kind strangers, historically accurate Margaritas and much more.

Troy and Jerry are both naturally gifted story tellers.  We had a great time as we sat around a dining table while Jerry and Troy shared their adventures.

If you are a history buff, interested in Mount Rainier or just like to hear entertaining stories this is an episode you don't want to miss!

Perhaps you know Troy from his band Sweet Thang and the Stumblers?  We had Terri Moss and Mark Wuesthoff as guests on Episode 79.  Give it a listen!



Some of the People and Places Mentioned in this Episode

William Tolmie

Hudson Bay Company

Fort Nisqually

The Home Course

Mazatlan Restaurant South Hill Puyallup.
Remember the historically accurate Margaritas. ???

Raymond Hayden

Mount Rainier

Tolmie Peak


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