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Dué Cucina


In this episode we chat with Flippo Fiori Co-Founder of Dué Cucina.

We start the episode hearing about Flippo's educational journey After completing a Ph.D in nuclear science at Tsinghua University in China and appearing on a Chinese TV cooking show Flippo and his soon to be business partner Davide Macchi started discussing what it would look like to open a restaurant.

We hear about their data driven decision making process to open a restaurant and deciding on Seattle.  Did I forget to mention Davide has a MBA from the Sloan School of Management at MIT.  that's right a nuclear scientist and a MIT MBA have passion for food.

Not just any food Italian food. Good Italian cuisine that is full of top quality fresh ingredients. Opening in 2016 and now with 3 locations Dué Cucina is rapidly becoming a neighborhood classic.

Find out more about Dué Cucina and what Flippo and Davide have planned for the future.  After you finish this episode you will need to visit Dué Cucina and find out what authentic Italian pasta made without compromise tastes like.



Some of the People and Places Mentioned in this Episode

Dué Cucina



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