Organic Farm School. Episode 110

September 10, 2021
Show Notes

Organic Farm School Executive Director

Aerial photo of Organic Farm School

In this episode we chat with Judy Feldman.  As the Executive Director of the Organic Farm School helps guide the schools focus of training new farmers and educating communities on how to support farmers.



Organic Farm School Beekeeper Holding HiveThe organic farm school moved to their current location in Maxwelton Valley on the south end of Whidbey Island in 2016. Judy shares stories about the farm and the generous benefactor who has provided the 10 acres as a no cost lease to the school.


The organic farm school program runs for seven months and during the time students are at the farm they learn how to successfully run a small farm of their own. From crop selection to marketing students are given hands on training on all aspects of farming.


During the episode we chat about all of the varieties of vegetables and Farmers in hoop house harvestingother crops the organic farm school produces. The amount of produce the farm is capable of producing is staggering to a city guy like me.

Our conversation turns to how local communities can help support farmers.

Simply asking what is fresh and local next time you are dining out will help open dialog with your local restaurants.

Taking some time and buying locally sourced food from farm stands, or farmers markets makes a big difference.


Throughout the episode it was abundantly clear that Judy does not have all the answers to solve our food awareness issue. Judy DOES have a unending passion to work to find the answers to the myriad of questions and challenges surrounding food production. Industrial farms are not to be blamed. They simply have responded to our demand for fast, inexpensive, and simple food choices. Local organic farming is not the savior.  Knowledge and awareness about where our food comes from and WHO is growing our food will go a long way to bringing balance to our food industry.

Of course we chat about local coffee shops Judy makes a reference to her favorite blend Happy Hippy, and great places to grab a bite to eat.

If you are interested in knowing more about where your food comes from or, if you want to learn more about sustainable farming you will enjoy this episode.  Even if you have no curiosity about your food source you will find a number of takeaways during this episode.


Some of the People and Places Mentioned in this Episode

The Organic Farm School

Mukilteo Coffee Roasters

Third Place Books





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