Paul Sawtelle Episode 103

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Paul Sawtelle Episode 103.

In this episode we chat with Paul Sawtelle. A native of Washington State and a professional musician for over 30 years.

Paul got his start after high school when he was asked if he played organ. Since he lost his athletic scholarship to the U.W. he said yes. That was the start of his professional musical journey.

Through the years Paul has collected a number of stories. He shares some of them with us in the episode.

Spellemann Award: Norwegian equivalent of The Grammy

Paul was invited to compose and perform some horn parts for a Norwegian band ORBO and the Longshots while they were touring and in Seattle. A few months later he receives a call.... you have to listen to find out the rest of the story.

Bill Clinton Saxophone Club

Paul had a chance to play Sax for President Clinton at a fundraiser in the Paramount Theater.  While Paul was not able to meet President Clinton in person he did receive a Bill Clinton Saxophone Club hat and pin.

The People You Meet

Paul has theory that every time you play you are auditioning for somebody. You never know who is in the audience. By giving your  best effort every performance you are opening yourself up to unknown opportunities.

Who Paul is Listening to

Paul is currently listening some Washington State musicians. He really is enjoying the music that Jessica Lynne Witty is releasing. He also is enjoying the music from Raymond Hayden and Grieve the Astronaut.  Both Jessica and Ray have been guests on earlier episodes.

Where Can You Hear Paul?

Wicked Pie Pizza in Puyallup a couple of times a month.

The Kings of Swing 17 piece big band

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Some of the Places, and Musicians Mentioned in this Episode

Paramount Theater

The Triple Door

Brian Nova

Dimitriou's Jazz Alley

ORBO and the Longshots


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