Episode 102: Bryan Reynolds Anthem Coffee

August 8, 2021
Show Notes

Bryan Reynolds joins the Exploring Washington State Podcast for episode 102.


Bryan Reynolds of Anthem Coffee

In this episode we chat with Bryan Reynolds about how Anthem Coffee exists to serve as a family business.

Originally the Reynolds family opened a franchise coffee shop as a way for Bryan's dad to retire early and spend more time with the foster children that the Reynold's family were taking in. After five years they stopped being affiliated with the franchise and opened Anthem Coffee.

Bryan shares stories of how the entire family has pitched in to create the company as a place to live their values, serve, and love their customers.


Anthem Coffee Mission Statement.

We create unique experiences that change lives and bring people back. We do this by loving and serving people, by preparing top notch, handcrafted food and beverages, and by creating an environment where real relationships are fostered.

Coffee Talk

Of course a coffee company owner wants to talk coffee right?  Bryan's favorite coffee is Anthem's Live Loud Blend.  When Bryan is out and about he is a fan of a Doppio with a tablespoon of honey. (Just try it.... it's delish) Three sips and the heart is beating again.

Anthem is rolling out tasting flights. Not just of coffee, but for any of the Anthem Coffee Logobeverages that they serve. We were lucky enough to visit the location at Point Ruston and do a tasting. What a great concept.  It's a must do activity if you are in the greater Tacoma area.


Fun and Relaxation

When Bryan is not working he has become an avid golfer.  Bryan shares some of his favorite golf courses in the Puget Sound area. He shares a story about a group of friends who get together as a foursome. The wives drive the carts and the guys golf. None of the wives want to golf they just want to have fun.

The Reynolds family work hard and play hard. With annual family vacations, and lots of walks and hike with the dogs it certainly looks like they know how to both work and play hard.



Some of the Places, and Companies  Mentioned in this Episode

Anthem Coffee

Work for Anthem Coffee

Dillanos Coffee Roasters

High Cedars Golf Course

Anthem Coffee Instagram


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