Episode #003 Boundless Journey Podcast

Boundless Journey Podcast

Have you ever wondered how those outdoor photographers get those wonderful shots of the Milky Way at night? Or, have you ever seen someone with a prosthetic limb and wanted to ask more about their story, but you didn’t know how to bring it up without seeming rude or insensitive. In this podcast episode we talk to a couple, Nick and Angelina, who just might have some answers to those questions. And they have some pretty cool stories about exploring the state as well. Together they have formed a website called Boundless Journey. Sharing amazing photography and their stories.

Meeting at the University of Iowa these self proclaimed “nerds” met in a math class. Find out more by listening to our Boundless Journey Podcast.

We hope you will enjoy our Boundless Journeys podcast episode. You can find more of our Explore Washington State podcast episodes by following this link.

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