Conversation with Kathleen Elizabeth Elopement Adventure Photographer

September 10, 2020
Show Notes

In this episode I have a conversation with Kathleen of Kathleen Elizabeth Photography. Kathleen is an Elopement Adventure Wedding Photographer. During this episode you will learn about Elopement Adventure Weddings and how to have a successful wedding day in the wild. We chat about places she enjoys hiking in Washington. As with most of our episodes I ask where she likes to grab a bite to eat and she shares some of her favorite restaurants. Spoiler alert: She is a Beechers Fan!

Kathleen shares tips and tricks to successfully plan an Elopement Adventure Wedding. The needed permits etc. all of the little details to help make sure your special day is indeed special.

We talk about having Dicks Drive-In as the catered food. =) We talk about her photo gear that she uses on the photo shoots. Her dog Ranger contributes her opinions a few times.

I never had heard of Elopement Adventure Weddings before this episode. I learned a lot and had a lot of fun chatting with Kathleen. I hope you will enjoy the episode and perhaps be inspired to have an Elopement Adventure of your own.


 Some of the Places Mentioned in this Episode


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