Dick’s Drive-in Seattle’s Iconic burgers: a chat with Jasmine Donovan of Dick’s Drive-in

October 8, 2020
Show Notes

In this episode our host Scott Cowan sits down with Jasmine Donovan, President and CFO of Dick's Drive-in to discuss the iconic burger experience of the Puget Sound region.

Jasmine describes the history of the company and how they became such an intrinsic part of Seattle and surrounding communities, including many of the famous people who patronize the various stores.

They also talked about the upcoming venture into the world of food trucks while Scott lobbies heavily for the truck visiting Wenatchee.

We need your help.  Help us lobby Dick's to bring the food truck to Wenatchee and we will throw an Explore Washington State party! Of course Dick's knows nothing about our brilliant plan.  With your help we can bring the deliciousness that is Dick's Drive-In to Eastern Washington! Even if it is for a day.  Just imagine the joy and happiness it would bring.

Another episode where food is being talked about.  Do not listen on an empty stomach.

 Some of the Places Mentioned in this Episode

  • Dick's Drive-In Queen Anne
  • Dick's Drive-In Holman Road


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  1. Jay Steele on April 30, 2022 at 12:35 pm

    Why dose,nt Dicks bring one of there burger joints down to Centralia or chahlis, I lived up on 94th and 15th, just up the hill from the first 125th and lake city burger shop ! I went to Nathan hale , that place would thrive down here , and it would be nice to have a great burger shop here, we have sonics? Sorry they suck and burger King , no good and MacDonalds , definitely bad on your guts . It’s a no Brainer dicks would be a buissey house down here .

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