Daniel Winkler Mushroaming Through Washington State.

Show Notes

Meet Daniel Winkler

A mushroom forager, eco-tour guide, author, speaker, and a fan of the Grateful Dead. Daniel has recently published a book named Fruits Of The Forest. A Field Guide to Pacific Northwest Edible Mushrooms.

Daniel grew up in Germany and was out foraging in the forests at an early age. Hey may have started his eco-tourism business at age 7 when he convinced a neighboring family to take him out foraging.

Like any good story this one involves music and a woman.  Daniel first came to the states to follow the Grateful Dead. He met a woman in Colorado and well the rest is history.


When Daniel began to set down roots in the greater Seattle area he was amazed at how abundant and diverse the Mushrooms were. In Europe you have to go deep into the forests to find Mushrooms. Here in Washington State you could just about find them simply by going for a short hike.  We talk about the differences culturally between Europe and North America when it comes to foraging and Mushrooms specifically.


Daniel has contributed numerous scientific papers about Mushrooms.He has contributed to field guides and other publications.  During Covid he started working on his first book Fruits of the Forest.

Daniel Winklers Book Fruits of the Forest book cover

The book is almost 400 pages and it is simply beautiful.  Daniel is an accomplished photographer and the book is full of color photos that clearly show you what the Mushroom looks like. The descriptions are detailed and comprehensive yet easily read and understood by someone who knows little about Mushrooms.

One full section of the book is dedicated to ways to use Mushrooms you find in your meals at home. Perhaps the next book from Daniel will be a cookbook. The recipes look amazing. 


Currently Daniel has two Mushroaming eco-tours planned for 2023.  April 22 to May 5th. he is leading a private tour to Columbia to explore, forage, and search for Mushrooms. During our conversation we discuss more of the non-mushroom related activities that the tour has planned. Later in 2023 August 8th -31st. David is leading a group to Bhutan a tour of mountains, mushrooms, and monasteries.

Both destinations sound amazing and you can find out all of the details on Mushroaming. I know that this sounds amazing to me.

Wrap Up

One of the great things about being the host of the Exploring Washington State Podcast is that I get to have conversations with people who are out doing interesting things.  Daniel Winkler certainly is. If you're interested in Mushrooms, foraging, music, travel, and exploring Washington Daniel is someone you need to get to know.

Upcoming public appearances.

Portland OR - OMS Feb. 13 - Common and Less Common Choice PNW Edible Mushrooms", 7.30 pm
Portland OR - Powell's Books - Feb. 17 - "Fungal Fruits of the Forest" book presentation, 7pm
Corvallis OR - Oregon Truffle Fest - Feb. 19 - "Fungal Fruits of the Forest"
Olympia WA- SSMS - Feb. 21 - "Fungal Fruits of the Forest" - PNW Edible Mushrooms", 7 pm
San Diego CA - SDMS - Mar. 6 - "Fungal Fruits of the Forest"
Spanaway WA, Library - Mar. 14 - "Fungal Fruits of the Forest" - PNW Edible Mushrooms", 6 pm
Seattle WA - Library - Mar. 15 - "Fruits of the Forest" - online talk 6.30 to 7.30pm
Kirkland WA - BookTree - Mar. 18 - "Fruits of the Forest" book presentation, 5? pm
Tacoma WA - Library - Mar. 22 - "Fruits of the Forest", 5pm
Redmond WA - Brick and Mortar Books - April 4 - "Fruits of the Forest" 40 min book presentation, 7 pm 

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Some of the People and Places Mentioned in this Episode

Daniel Winkler's website Mushroaming

Fruits of the Forest. Daniel Winkler's book on PNW mushrooms.


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  1. Michael J Kalafut on February 16, 2023 at 8:49 pm

    I Really Enjoyed Daniel Winkler’s podcast ! Entertaining, Educational & Joyous : ) !

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