Local Chain and Peaches???

Cutters Point is a small chain of coffee shops with twelve locations. Eleven are in Washington and one in Georgia.  Yup, Georgia……I am sure there is an interesting story there.  Perhaps in the future I will find out and share it with you. 

For my 12th day of coffee I visited the Cutters Point Coffee location in University Place. This location is in the ground floor level of a retail space that has two real estate offices. I snuck in so that the real estate brokers did not find me and ask me to buy or sell a house. (I can kid because I am a real estate broker and I know the drill.)  It was mid-afternoon and I had the whole place to myself.  This actually made for a lonely experience.  During my previous visits the location has always been busy with lots of conversations going.




Afternoon Drip Coffee Time.


My drip coffee was prepared and presented to me in a ceramic mug.  It was a bit hotter than I would prefer. I am learning though that while I am taking photos of the coffee it cools down and it is then at a great temperature. Once I finished my photos, I was able to drink my coffee and found it to be a nice cup of coffee. Nothing to gush over but a very solid drinkable cup of coffee. I did not pick up any real tasting notes of interest.  This is not meant to be a criticism of the coffee. It is a very solid cup of coffee. I would drink more of it if I were in the area more often. It was just not my go to flavor profile. I really cannot expect to love every one of the 100 cups of coffee I am drinking, can I?



Fireplace and Conversations.

The shop has a warm friendly feeling to it. There is a fireplace near the front entrance that on dreary damp days would be a great place to sit and relax. There are a lot of tables so that you can meet with friends or clients. As I mentioned when I have been here before they are doing a brisk business with lots of conversations happening.  They have a drive thru so you can grab your coffee to go if you are so inclined.

Cutters Point has a variety of pastries and light food if you are looking for something to eat while enjoying your coffee.  They also sell their coffee beans, and other coffee accessories.




Where to find

You can visit The University Place Cutters Point Coffee at 2700 Bridgeport Way W University Place, WA 98466  You can find them online at their website.  Follow their feed on Instagram. You can find them on Facebook.  They have an app!  You can download it from the Apple App Store.   When you stop in tell them you heard about them at Explore Washington State.

This wraps up day twelve of one hundred. Where will I be having coffee tomorrow?  Check back and see.  Have you been to a Cutters Point Coffee Company location? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Send me the names and addresses of any interesting coffee shops that you think I should go to send them to me to add to my list!


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