Explore Washington State is working to showcase and support Washington State businesses, artists, and creators. At the same time, the Team at EWS wants to lift up your spirits during these uncertain and stressful times. Throughout the month of May, we will be doing just that! During May we will be featuring Washington State businesses, giving away great products, art, and more on our social media channels.

As we give away great, locally made items, we’d like to talk about the brands we are working with. To kick it off, today we’re highlighting Contour Creative.  If you follow us on Instagram, you may know that she is one of our favorite creators in the state.

Contour Creative

Owner, boss and creative wonder woman, Devan, launched Contour Creative back in 2015. She radiates positivity and strives to create clothing for every body, no matter the size. Her designs are one of a kind and are created in her home studio. 

She had different beginnings though. It was her grandmother who first pushed her to create art. Devan remembers painting park benches in her hometown at the age of 3, and spending hours painting pottery. During the stay at home, stay healthy order, this is a hobby she has once again picked up. 

flower cards
tree hoodie

Sustainable Clothing

Before she launched Contour Creative, she was the proud owner of Dewie Designs, where she made cards available for home printing, on Etsy. College and life demanded she put her business on hold until almost five years ago when Contour Creative bloomed.

Since then she has been working hard to make beautiful, functional and sustainable clothing. Designs begin in her sketchbook, and are then handcarved onto a stamp. Then the magic really begins. Devan handstamps each item and hangs it to dry before shipping it off to its new owner. On Instagram you’ll often see videos of her stepping barefoot onto each stamp to have it set on the clothing item. 

woman using ink stamp
ink stamp

Inspiration and Partnerships

Kindness and hope fill Devan, and you’re able to see it in the items she makes. With inspiration drawn from nature, wildlife and Washington state, her clothing is like nothing you’ve seen before. 

She has partnerships with The Lady Alliance, Infinite Strength, Restoration Convoy and a handful other organizations. Recently, she had the chance to make an exclusive Kula Cloth design.

woman standing by scenic lookout

Clothing For All Sizes

If you sign up for her newsletter you’ll receive 15% off your first order, on top of free shipping throughout the U.S. for orders over $65. 

Tops for every season, bottoms, accessories and kids items can all be found on her website. Personally I love her Home Sweet Home hoodie, which fits true to size and allows me to rep Washington state. Men and women of almost every clothing size will find something to fit them here, with sizes from XXS-4XL

Contour Creative is a brand that we truly stand behind, and can’t wait to keep working with in the future. 

Giveaway Entry

Ready to enter? Follow this link for instructions and entry: Contour Creative Giveaway

Photos: Contour Creative