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Civil War Seattle Tours with Richard Heisler

If you are a fan of history tours, then you are going to love this podcast episode! Meet Richard Heisler, a historian and tour guide based out of Seattle who has a passion for Civil War history.

Civil War History Tour

The Good and Bad of the Art Industry

Richard Heisler is an accomplished fine artist with over 25 years in the industry. However, the art world can be tough, with galleries closing down and the industry in constant flux. When the pandemic hit, Richard found himself re-evaluating his career. With a passion for history, he started a hobby Facebook page and began sharing his love for history through his storytelling abilities.

From Hobby to Business

Richard started off small, with a personal Facebook page where he would share stories and create content. As his audience grew, he began to branch out and create tours based on Seattle's Civil War history. When the pandemic hit, Richard found himself with more time on his hands to focus on history tours. Richard's passion and storytelling abilities are evident in his tours. A multi-pronged approach to researching historical information ensures that the stories Richard shares have a personal touch and are grounded in reality. With so many digitized resources available, Richard can delve into the minutiae of people's lives and bring them to light.

The Benefits of Historical Societies and Museums

Richard's love for history and his passion for truly understanding the people who lived in the past led him to delve deep into museum collections and local historical societies. With this research, he can provide valuable insights and detail, bringing history to life.

Personal Connections to History

Richard Heisler Civil War History Seattle Tour GuideRichard's personal connection to history is evident, as he shares a story about how he discovered three veterans buried in a cemetery in Seattle who served in the same regiment as his third great-grandfather. One of the veterans was wounded in the same battle as Richard's ancestor and even stayed in the same field hospital, where his ancestor may have been involved in his care. This discovery became intensely personal for Richard, and he delved further into the veterans' stories, ultimately realizing that they lived on the homestead of a Pennsylvania Civil War veteran.

The Evolution of Seattle History Tours

Richard's tours have grown and evolved over time. Initially successful in attracting large groups, it has become more difficult to keep up the momentum. However, Richard has a few tricks up his sleeve. He has shifted his focus from pure Civil War history to researching the individuals involved and their impact on Seattle. Richard's tours of local historical sites have gained popularity, with the first four tours attracting 40-50 people each time.

Verified Connections to President Lincoln

Richard shares some interesting thoughts on verified connections to President Lincoln. While it is difficult to discern the authenticity of claims about Civil War veterans meeting President Lincoln, there are some specific stories that have been verified through the consistency and authenticity of the storyteller. Some examples include legal and professional overlap with Lincoln, as well as personal connections through their hometown or family ties.

Richard's Favorite Seattle Eateries

To wrap up the podcast, Scott asks Richard about his favorite places to eat in Seattle. Richard's recommendations are sure to tickle your tastebuds: Shiro's, a traditional sushi place in Belltown with well-trained Japanese chefs and fish sourced from Japan twice a week; and Bar del Corso, an Italian place on Beacon Hill, serving up wood-fire oven pizza that is difficult to compare to other supposedly authentic Neapolitan-style pizza places in Seattle. While you can expect a long wait at Bar del Corso, the experience is well worth it.

Final Thoughts

Richard Heisler's passion for history and his storytelling abilities make this podcast episode an engaging and informative listen. Whether you are a history buff, art lover, or simply looking to learn more about Seattle's rich history, Richard's tours are sure to provide a unique and fascinating experience. Don't miss out on Shiro's and Bar del Corso, two of Richard's favorite Seattle eateries. Happy exploring!

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