Episode 33 Exploring Washington State Podcast Peacevans

Our conversation with Harley Sitner owner of Peace Vans in Seattle. Learn how you can rent a vintage Vanagon to Explore Washington State in and much more.

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poetry used books

What are you up to this weekend? If you are fortunate enough to be reading this while looking at a forecast of sunny skies and warm weather then I presume your answer will involve warm weather activities. In fact, I’d imagine that given the chance you might insist it will only be warm weather activities for warm weather…

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Veterans Memorial Museum

Many of us have family members who have served in the Armed Forces. Perhaps you have served, yourself. There is something for everyone at the Veterans Memorial Museum in Chehalis. With the mission statement “They shall not be forgotten” the museum does a fantastic job of telling the stories of veterans from the local area.…

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