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Hello again, faithful reader! This newest addition to our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide is one that would not have been possible without our amazing community. Truly. 

Cascadia Modern Explore Washington State Bucket LIst

An Exciting Partnership

A few months ago, we reached out to Cascadia Modern about the possibility of doing an Explore Washington State Bucket list scratch off map. Founder, Emily, creates beautiful posters that are functional and allow the owner to look back fondly on their experiences. 

This year we are presenting our exclusively designed Washington State Bucket list, designed by Emily. All of the photos have been donated by generous photographers across the state, and we truly believe this makes for the ultimate Washington State gift this year. Filled with hikes, well-known spots, and lesser-known events, it is a gift that will not only inspire, but become an adventure. 

Cascadia Modern Explore Washington State 2020 Gift Guide

About Cascadia Modern

Emily grew up in California, and has lived in several states, as well as Peru before settling down with her family in Washington. Being creative as well as outdoor sports, photography and her children are her driving forces. 

Her father was a high school photography teacher, who taught her graphic design and Photoshop in, and out of school. She claims it’s been her right-hand tool for all of her creative endeavours. 

Years ago, when her husband was in school, and her day job allowed for summer breaks, she decided to make a 6’x4’ map of the United States. Her and her husband tracked their travels with photos and has since become the center piece in their home. This sparked her desire to create similar maps for others to enjoy in their homes.

Cascadia Modern Explore Washington State bucket list

Emily’s main principle is, “Put loved ones, experiences, and memories above THINGS. We hope our posters serve as a jumping point to those more important things, as well as a constant reminder of past experiences.” 

When she isn’t brainstorming, researching, and designing her posters (as well as working her day job) Emily loves to sample the variety of food at Pike Place market, or spending time at Second Beach. 

Cascadia Modern Explore Washington State bucket list

Fun fact about her posters: They have to run through the printer three times! Once for the color layer, once to add the scratch-off material, and a final time to print the top of the scratch-off material. It’s a lengthy process but is incredibly rewarding for any recipient. 

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