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Show Notes

Brooks Smothers, host of RV Out West

Scott talks with Brooks Smothers, host of the RV Out West podcast which discusses RV travel in Washington State. Brooks describes many of the adventures that led him to get a trailer and start his podcast.

Guest Background

Brooks lived in Washington until the age of twenty-five when he tried living in other parts of the country, including the Virgin Islands, and California Bay Area. He returned to Washington in 2010 with his wife and started a family.

The Thing They Do

Brooks is the host of the RV Out West podcast, discussing RVing topics related to travel in Washington State.

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Episode Highlights

Brooks talks about enjoying football when the Seahawks played the Philadelphia Eagles (his wife is from Philly) and growing up in a camping family both tent camping and backpacking. Scott asks about the Big Journey, shipping a VW camper to St Thomas in the Virgin Islands. Brooks then describes what brought him to starting the RV Out West podcast and explains the goal of the podcast.

Wrap up

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Some of the People and Places Mentioned in this Episode

  • Lincoln Rock state park near Wenatchee
  • Curlew Lake in Republic
  • Cape Disappointment at the mouth of the Columbia
  • Deception Pass, Whidbey Island
  • Stevens Pass for Winter camping

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