Bradley Lockhart: Bellingham Flag Designer

Show Notes

Bradley Lockhart

 Is a designer, musician, and professor from Washington State. He is the designer of the official Bellingham Flag, owner of Lariat Creative, and championing the state of Washington to update their state flag.

Bradley LockhartBradley Lockhart has always had a love for adventure, from his childhood days of playing in the forts and tree houses of rural Whatcom County to his teenage years of skateboarding and playing in punk rock bands. He was determined to make something creative out of his love for art and music.

After learning about graphic design, Bradley started making posters for his band, eventually leading him to a job at a Bible software company in Bellingham.

When the Downtown Bellingham Partnership asked for help designing a flag for the city, Bradley jumped at the opportunity, using his knowledge of the city's history and of the art scene to create something special. His flag was adopted by the city in 2017 and has grown in popularity ever since.


You will learn:

1. How did a rural Whatcom County kid go from sleeping on the shores of the Nooksack River to designing a city flag that is now one of the most popular in the country?

2. What is Vexelography/Vexalology and how does it affect a flag's design and its use in the public domain?

3. How did an animator at a Bible software company turn a flag-designing contest into an unexpected career opportunity?

Wrap up

Some of the People and Places Mentioned in this Episode

Lariat Creative

Northwest Corner Goods

Western Washington University

Orca Face Flag



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