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Angelina Boulicault and Nick Martinson are explorers at heart. Not only that, they have a knack for sharing their adventures through stunning photography, down-to-earth blogs and engaging personal stories.

Living by the mantra, "engineers by trade, adventurers at heart" Nick and Angelina have already racked up an impressive amount of stories of their backpacking, camping, car camping, bouldering, rock climbing and white-water rafting adventures.

But that's only half of their story.

Nick is also a prolific content creator, writing regularly on his blog and pursuing a lifelong interest in the visual arts, which has him currently producing some magnificent landscape photography. His astro-photography is particularly notable.

Angelina is a fighter, through and through. To support some of their adventures, she learned welding to build her own bike and crocheting to sell hot pads for extra cash. And she's been doing all these amazing adventures with one prosthetic leg. She has been very proactive to inform others about the live of an amputee, building her own blog Live Without Limbs.

Nick and Angelina inspire us with their intrepid spirits and big-hearted approach to life, and that's why they are our Featured Creators for March 2018.

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Editors note: The imagery on this page has been edited and produced by Boundless Journey Photography. Republished here with express written permission from Nick Martinson. If you want to use any images from this post, please contact Nick directly... he sells his work and that would be a great way to support their adventures. We encourage you to check out the Boundless Journey blog and subscribe to keep up with all their adventures!

Boundless Journey

Nick Martinson and Angelina Boulicault

Nick Martinson and Angelina Boulicault

"Relief washes over us as the buildings turn to trees.  Feelings of being rushed and caught up in traffic are replaced by long hikes along cliffs and streams.  City lights and car horns fade into stargazing and stories around the campfire.

Boundless Journey is about outdoor endeavors to show that no matter where you live adventure is around you. We’re writing about backpacking, camping, biking, hiking and photography tips. Each post includes photos, trip stats, GPS routes, and other fun facts."

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Glowing Tent at Mt Rainier

Capturing the Solar Eclipse


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