Borst Home Museum is a museum dedicated to the family who once lived here.


All the way back in 1854, a man by the name of Joseph Borst married a young 16-year-old Mary Adeline Roundtree. Moving to Oregon, they lived in a small cabin on Josephs farm. The following year of 1855 brought about a small, local war and Joseph and Mary Borst, temporarily moved.


When the war was finished, they returned to their home, and moved into a blockhouse, which is a small, singular building meant to keep enemies out in time of war. This, naturally, wasn’t a pleasing permanent solution- and for “reasons unknown,” Joseph began constructing his own home for his bride and self.

Two years later, it was finished. A beautiful two story, with attic, mansion. At the time, it was “considered to be the finest house between Forts Steilacoom and Vancouver.

Over one hundred and fifty years later, this home is still standing. While it’s missing the huge barn, it’s still in decent shape despite being damaged throughout the years by natural rain, wind and snow storms.

According to the City of Centralias website, the reason that the home is still standing and in such good condition is due to the expensive and hardened wood from San Francisco.

If you’re interested in visiting this well-loved, historical home, make sure to check this calendar for open dates. Admission is free, but donations are happily accepted.


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