Bluebeard Coffee Roasters Tacoma, Washington Day 6 of the 100 Cups of Coffee in 100 Days Project

Bluebeard Coffee Roasters Sign

On The Ave.

The 6th Avenue District in Tacoma is full of interesting places to eat and shop. Bluebeard Coffee Roasters is a popular location for people looking for their caffeine fix on the go or to sit and chat or get some work done. When I visited Bluebeard, it was a full house. Early afternoon and there were no tables available to sit. No worries I grabbed a stool to do some people watching on 6th Ave.

To help me with my people watching I ordered a cup of drip coffee that was presented to me in a ceramic mug without asking. I love it when coffee shops provide ceramic mugs when you say “I would like a cup of coffee for here please.” Staff was friendly and helpful. There was a slice of banana bread that seemed out of place in the case, so I asked for it to be released to a plate. Coffee and treat in hand I took up my spot to watch the world pass by on 6th Avenue.

Bluebeard Coffee Roasters Counter

Coffee in a ceramic mug. Yes, Please.

The coffee was served at an immediately drinkable temperature! I love it when coffee is hot but not scalding. I think that flavors open up a bit once the coffee has cooled just slightly. Of course, too cold and coffee loses flavor. There must be a balance. Bluebeard Coffee Roasters aims to strike a medium balance in their coffee roasting profile. The cup I enjoyed could be described as a very drinkable medium roast. They offer coffee in a full range of espresso style beverages as well as Drip, Pour Over, Chemex, Cold Brew, and Nitro Cold Brew.  Something for everyone!

Bluebeard Coffee Roasters Mug

Exposed beams and pastries. Nice Combo!

Bluebeard Coffee Roasters have been open since 2011 and has a very loyal following. I can understand as their coffees are good. Their building is open and inviting with a lot of seating area. You can watch as they roast  (which I always find fascinating) coffee while enjoying your beverage. The staff is friendly. All in all, a winner of a shop. When you are in Tacoma take some time visit Bluebeard, grab the banana bread it’s there in the photo middle shelf left hand side hurry it won’t be there long, and enjoy some coffee.

Bluebeard Coffee Beans and Gear

Where To Find

You can visit Bluebeard Coffee Roasters they are located at 2201 6th Ave. Tacoma, WA 98403. Follow them on Instagram. Visit their website Bluebeard Coffee, or find them on Facebook. When you stop in tell them you heard about them at Explore Washington State.

This wraps up day six of one hundred. Where will I be having coffee tomorrow? Check back and see. Share your Bluebeard Coffee Roasters Story below. If you have any interesting coffee shops that you think I should go to send them to me to add to my list!

Why 100 Cups of Coffee in 100 Days? Read my original article here.

Scott Cowan

A lifelong resident of Washington who grew up in Tacoma, and spent his six freshman years attending CWU in Ellensburg, Scott’s professional life was spent in Olympia, Seattle and Tacoma. Deciding that the traffic on the west side was too much, Scott moved with his family to Wenatchee where they are settling in and finding that there is life after the daily commute. With a passion for good caffeine, hard ciders, and pizza along with the scenic beauty of Washington State you will find Scott out and about in Washington State looking for that next magical cup of coffee.


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