Blue Heron Bakery Olympia, Washington Day 26 of the 100 Cups of Coffee in 100 Days Project

Blue Heron Bakery Storefront

More than 40 years ago.

Blue Heron Bakery opened their doors in 1977. Not sure when they started serving coffee =)

Their location in West Olympia is in a modern metal building. They are in the same building as Don Juan’s Mexican Kitchen & Cantina. I was meeting a friend for coffee and breakfast, so I popped in a bit early to check out the coffee situation. Blue Heron serves Olympia Coffee Roasters Coffee. I ordered a cup of drip coffee and asked for it in a to go cup as I was going to be sitting outside. The coffee was really fresh and served at a very drinkable temperature. The aroma was mild, and the flavor was “brighter” than I typically care for. Of course, as I have previously stated I like my coffees big and bold. Olympia Coffee Roasters tends to roast to a lighter profile. The coffee was good, and most drinkers would really enjoy it I am betting.

Blue Heron Bakery Olympia Sign

Indoors or Outdoors

I was able to enjoy my coffee sitting outside in their private seating area. There are a number of picnic tables, and tables with chairs. The area is really quite nice and would make a great place to hang out if we ever get a real summer this year. The picnic tables have game boards carved into them I can envision sitting outside drinking some coffee and playing checkers.

The inside of the bakery is bright and clean. There is quite a bit of seating which is good as they were very busy for breakfast that day. I did have breakfast and it was quite tasty, but it did take quite some time to be served.  Perhaps I already had too much caffeine in my blood stream that morning…. Nah, who am I kidding you can NEVER have enough coffee! Comfortable place for conversation. Check.

Game Table at Blue Heron

Scratch that.

Being a bakery first and foremost Blue Heron has a large bread and pastry menu. They offer fresh baked bread, homemade cookies, sweet or savory pastries, granolas, and they even have gluten-free options. All are baked from scratch. The lunch and dinner menus look delicious as well.  If you are in downtown Olympia, you can find Blue Heron Bakery items at the Olympia Farmers Market.

Blue Heron Bakery Coffee In Cup

Where to find

You can visit Blue Heron Bakery at 4419 Harrison Ave Suite 108 Olympia, Washington 98502. Check out their Instagram feed or you can find them on Facebook. or  Visit their website  It would be best though to stop in and see them and when you do stop in tell them you heard about them from Explore Washington State.

This wraps up day Twenty-Six of One Hundred. Where will I be having coffee tomorrow? Check back and see. Have you been to Blue Heron Bakery in Olympia? Share your thoughts below. Do you have a favorite coffee shop? Send me the name and address of any shops that you think I should go to.

Why 100 Cups of Coffee in 100 Days? Read my original article here.

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