Bigfoot Coffee Roasters Stevenson Washington Day 5 of the 100 Cups of Coffee in 100 Days Project

Bigfoot Coffee Roasters Stevenson Washington

Great drive along the Columbia leads to coffee…

Stevenson is located on the Washington side of the Columbia River and is a popular destination for kiteboarders and all other types of outdoor enthusiasts. I don’t think I have ever been there before. Glad I was able to visit the town is really welcoming and looks like it would be a great place to spend a few days relaxing.

As I drove through town on my way east, I spotted Bigfoot Coffee Roasters occupying a gas station building. The building is no longer a gas station, but the gas pumps are still operational. Bigfoot has done a great job of converting the space into a warm and welcoming coffee shop.

Bigfoot Coffee Coldbrew Coffee

Bigfoot lives!

When I walked into the shop, I was greeted by the two baristas who were working the counter. We chatted a bit and they shared some information on the coffee roaster and the various roasts that were available. The presentation of the coffees and the descriptions were well done. I think that the pricing of the whole beans was great! I didn’t pick any up as my coffee collection at home is well… if I added more… my wife… well… you get the point, right? You dear reader though can stop in pick up some whole beans or perhaps a vacuum bottle or other Bigfoot Inspired swag.

During my conversation I was enticed to try the Japanese Style Iced Coffee.  Wow! Smooth and delicious. I also had a sample of their nitro cold brew using the Toddy method. Another winner there! Since it was a beautiful early summer day, I was more than happy to enjoy an iced coffee. Honestly, it could be 30 below and an iced coffee would be just fine. Bigfoot roasts a great cup of coffee. I am looking forward to trying more of their coffees during my next trip through.  Who wants to go kiteboarding with me?

Bigfoot Coffee Roasters SWAG and beans

Relaxing and Unwinding

I took my coffee and enjoyed every sip while sitting in the converted auto repair bay. The tables in the seating area are very cool. Rough cut timber that has a very organic feel to it. The shop is very relaxing, and I would most definitely hang out there if I lived close by. I had the seating area to myself, but I could see that the main shop was doing a brisk business. Looks like I was the last to know that Bigfoot Coffee Roasters is the real deal.

They have a sign posted explaining that They are in the Gorge not in the city. It also says Talk to each other. Pretend it’s 1989. I LOVE THIS. We need to remember to slow down and enjoy more of the little moments in life. Savor a cup of coffee, enjoy a conversation with a stranger. Don’t keep your nose in your phone all day. Unless of course you are looking at Explore Washington State. =)

Bigfoot Coffee Roasters Bigfoot carving

Where To Find

You can visit Bigfoot Coffee Roasters they are located at 91 NW 2nd St. Stevenson, WA 98648. Visit their website Bigfoot Coffee Roasters, or find them on Facebook. When you stop in tell them you heard about them at Explore Washington State.

This wraps up day five of one hundred. Where will I be having coffee tomorrow? Check back and see. Share your comments about Bigfoot Coffee Roasters below. If you have any interesting coffee shops that you think I should go to send them to me to add to my list!

Why 100 Cups of Coffee in 100 Days? Read my original article here.

Scott Cowan

A lifelong resident of Washington who grew up in Tacoma, and spent his six freshman years attending CWU in Ellensburg, Scott’s professional life was spent in Olympia, Seattle and Tacoma. Deciding that the traffic on the west side was too much, Scott moved with his family to Wenatchee where they are settling in and finding that there is life after the daily commute. With a passion for good caffeine, hard ciders, and pizza along with the scenic beauty of Washington State you will find Scott out and about in Washington State looking for that next magical cup of coffee.

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