Banks Lake Brew Building

Banks Lake Brew & Bistro Proves Me Wrong

One day while out driving to one of my client’s properties I was in need of coffee when I spotted Banks Lake Brew and Bistro.  Located in a gas station across the highway from Banks Lake which is quite a popular recreation spot in central Washington. Here I found another surprise, good coffee from a gas station. Another time when my prejudices proved me wrong.

I really have to stop expecting so little from out of the way places and coffee shops.  This being day 9 and already I have found TWO locations in gas stations that have proven me wrong.  I wonder just how many times during this project I will have to admit you that my assumptions were unfounded. Oh well, let me be the guide and you will find good coffee.

Local Hang Out


The Coffee Shop/Bistro is a warm welcoming space when you walk in.  There is a fair amount of seating available. It could be a great place to stop stretch your legs and grab a cup of coffee or perhaps a bite to eat. On one of my visits there were a number of local customers who were sitting outside and enjoying their morning coffees while chatting.  Looks like a popular local gathering place.

Lets talk coffee shall we? Afterall that is why I am writing these posts.

The coffee is Banks Lake Blend from Pioneer Coffee Roasting Company.  Served from an air pot in to go cups.   UPDATE: I have found that they do have ceramic mugs that the locals use which I will make sure to use next visit.  The coffee blend is a nice cup of coffee that makes for easy sipping without making a loud big statement. I am not sure what beans are used to make the blend.  I am guessing that there are Central American beans that make up the majority of the blend.


Interior view of Banks Lake Brew

Love the vibe from small towns.

On one of my visits I had a nice conversation with the barista who was working. She was very excited about the shop and takes great pride in making sure each drink served is absolutely the best it can be.  The shop does a brisk drive through business as well as steady walk in traffic. The staff is has always been friendly and outgoing. Even though the shop is busy they always have a friendly greeting and take the time to answer their customers questions.  Customer service seems to be a lost art.  Not so here at Banks Lake Brews & Bistro the staff has always been top shelf. 


Where to find

You can visit Banks Lake Brew & Bistro at 9701 Highway 2 Coulee City, Washington 99115. You can check them out on Facebook. When you stop in tell them you heard about them on Explore Washington State.

This wraps up day nine of one hundred. Where will I be having coffee tomorrow?  Check back and see.  Share your comments about Banks Lake Brew and Bistro below. If you have any interesting coffee shops that you think I should go to send me your recommendations.


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