MacKenzie Passegger

Vancouver waterfront

Why We Love Vancouver

Vancouver Washington is a city with about 175,000 residents, and it’s growing quickly. A family-friendly city with a unique style, Vancouver was voted one of “’s Top 10 Staycation Cities” in…


Hoppiest Town in Washington

Hops, the main component in flavoring beer, is a sun loving plant. Requiring between six and eight hours of sunlight per day, these vertically growing flower buds are used all…

wsu sign

WSU – A Fascinating History

Although Washington State University may be rated as one of the top 100 party schools in the country, this University has a rich history. How it Came to Be In…

Juniper Dunes

The One of a Kind Juniper Dunes Wilderness

Located in Pasco, Washington, the Juniper Dunes Wilderness area is something quite unique to the area. Not only is it Washington’s largest juniper grove but it is also completely fenced…

Lewis and Clark in Richland

Lewis and Clark in Richland

The Plan On October 16th, 1805 Richland was put on the map thanks to the famous cross-country journey by Lewis and Clark. After purchasing Louisiana from France in 1803, President…

Wine Please Explore Washington State

Washington’s First Organic Winery

Organic, a buzzword. A lifestyle and a preference for people across the board. In 2002 the USDA released a specific guideline of what makes something organic, or not. But for…

Carpininto Brothers

Visiting Carpinito Brothers Farm in Kent

If you’re looking for a place to buy retail and wholesale landscape and garden products, pumpkins and fresh farm produce, look no further than Carpinito Brothers Farm in Kent, WA….

Bonney Lake Costco

State Of The Art Costco Coming to Bonney Lake!

State Of The Art Costco Coming to Bonney Lake! Big things are happening for the residents of Bonney Lake, the second Costco in East Pierce County is close to opening…

Saddle Rock

Hiking Saddle Rock in Wenatchee

For sweeping panoramic views of Wenatchee, plan to hike Saddle Rock. Saddle Rock is a city landmark, and is an easily accessible hike that’s just a 10-minute drive from downtown….

Cloudview Farms

Cloudview Farm Fall Fest!

This upcoming Saturday, Oct. 7, Cloudview Farm located in Ephrata will be hosting their annual Fall Fest. From 2 p.m. until 5 p.m. families can enjoy free admission to the…