Announcing the Official Explore Washington State Coffee

We’re spilling the beans—the official Explore Washington State coffee is here!

Great coffee always comes to mind when you think of Washington, whether you’re starting off your work day with it, sipping a cup before heading out on a hike or taking a mug with you on a Sunday drive. And we wanted to bring a coffee to you that embraces all that Washington has to offer. We’re thrilled to announce the Explore Washington State Blend, a partnership between Roast House Coffee in Spokane and Explore Washington State.

Starting With an Idea

During my 100 cups of coffee in 100 days project, I was lucky enough to meet a lot of passionate coffee roasters and coffee shop owners along the way. With so many of them roasting and serving tasty coffee, an idea came to me – How cool would it be if Explore Washington State had a coffee of our own. This idea rattled around and actually came to fruition during a seemingly random conversation.

Stopping in for the first time at F1rst Avenue Coffee in Spokane with their neon ‘damn good coffee’ sign in the window, I knew that I had found my shop. It was that type of place that you identify with on a certain level that you just can’t quite explain. My initial conversation with the staff there confirmed that this, indeed, is a special coffee shop. As I learned more about F1rst Avenue Coffee and Roast House Coffee, I knew I wanted to see if they would help me bring my idea to life.

Working with Roast House Coffee

A few days later, MacKenzie (EWS Social Media Manager) and I were are at the Roast House 10th Anniversary Celebration. I struck up a conversation with someone who worked there, and I asked if they roast coffee for other people. I was expecting an answer along the lines of “No we are busy doing our own thing here,” but instead I was told “Well that sounds cool. We should talk about it.” As it turns out, I was talking to the head roaster Aaron Jordan—the right place, at the right time. What started as an innocent question turned into a couple of calls and some emails and ultimately an onsite coffee cupping. Some of our team drank more coffee than they ever had that day, assessing the notes and balance of each, and we landed on the EWS blend.

From the very beginning, everyone at Roast House and F1rst Ave. Coffee has been nothing but over-the-top helpful and encouraging about partnering together to bring this coffee to market. Originally, we had planned for a coffee launch in April 2020 with a party at F1rst Avenue Coffee. But, with a global pandemic throw in the mix, that didn’t happen, and as we all navigated our responses to this new situation, we put the coffee launch on the shelf. But even amidst a global pandemic, Roast House Coffee kept showing in my social media feed showcasing new and creative ways of servicing their customers, and, really, keeping the coffee flowing if you will. Their tireless commitment to their customers gave me the encouragement I needed to take our coffee off the shelf and bring it to you.

The Explore Washington State Blend

The Explore Washington State Blend is a mix of Central and South American coffees that have been sourced by Roast House, meeting their quality standards. The beans are organically grown, fair trade and mostly produced by woman-owned coffee growing farms. The beans are roasted every workday and are bagged just prior to being shipped to you. You will have a hard time finding a fresher bag of coffee anywhere. The coffee is midway between a medium and a dark roast which provides a rich and complex cup no matter how you prepare it. I personally use an Aeropress with the slightly-below-medium grind when I make my daily cup of coffee. But who am I kidding — I drink way more than one cup of coffee a day.

bag of coffee

Embracing all that Washington has to offer—from deep adventures in the forest or catching a baseball game to exploring a charming historic downtown or finding the best tucked away food truck—this exclusive Explore Washington State Blend is the perfect start to any day. We hope that you will try our coffee and know that you will love it just as much as we do

Click to grab your first bag today!

Photography by Molly Allen and Petar Marshall

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Scott Cowan

A lifelong resident of Washington who grew up in Tacoma, and spent his six freshman years attending CWU in Ellensburg, Scott’s professional life was spent in Olympia, Seattle and Tacoma. Deciding that the traffic on the west side was too much, Scott moved with his family to Wenatchee where they are settling in and finding that there is life after the daily commute. With a passion for good caffeine, hard ciders, and pizza along with the scenic beauty of Washington State you will find Scott out and about in Washington State looking for that next magical cup of coffee.

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