Are you looking for a fun way to explore Anderson Island? Try the Anderson Island on Saturday September 7th.

The scramble starts at 10am and you will have three hours to visit the checkpoints and get to the finish line. If you return late you will penalized for every minute you are late. Better not be late!

The start is at the Anderson Island Community Club. Located at 11319 Yoman Rd. Registration and check in opens at 8:30am. Maps are issued at 9:30am and the scramble starts promptly at 10:00am.

We Recommend that you take either the 7:00am or 8:00am ferry to allow yourself enough time just in case the 9:00am ferry is full =) You can thank us later for recommending the earlier boat! Be kind and think about biking or carpooling to help keep the traffic light on the island.Buckleys Park Anderson Island, Washington

For more information you can visit the Street Scramble site by following this link.

We will be enjoying ourselves by relaxing at Buckley’s Park. The bench there is so comfortable.

Good luck everyone! Take photos and let us share them with everyone!