We tried to get a group of us from the mainland to journey over to Anderson Island today. It ended up only being a couple of us who enjoyed our day on the island.

We got to the Open House just a few minutes before the speeches started. Luckily there was enough covered seating to keep us all dry. Of course the rain decided to join the party just in time for the speeches. I was not that aware of the history of how the farm became a museum and how the Anderson Island Historical Society came into being. Today I learned much more about the history of the farm and of the historical society. I was impressed with the energy that the crowd had for the event. The hope of the historical society is to win the grant money to fix the roofs of a couple of buildings, to repair the log foundation of Chicken Coop 1 and to fix the flooring and foundation of the big barn. The effort that has been put into the grant process by the volunteers is impressive. Everyone was encouraged to vote daily for the farm. If you would like to vote for the Johnson Farm you can follow this link.

We were treated to a free lunch and enjoyed chatting with numerous people who were enjoying the farm as much as we were. After lunch we toured the various outbuildings and the farm house itself. It would of been great to be able to see the inside of the large pole barn. However, due to the condition of the flooring at this time the general public is not allowed inside of the building. If the historical society wins some of the grant money that they are competing for then in the future we will be able to see more of the barn.

It was a great way to spend part of a typical Pacific Northwest spring afternoon (in other words it was raining off and on) We are looking forward to going back for as many of the upcoming events as we can attend. If you’re looking for a great place to explore you would be wise to consider taking a day to Explore Anderson Island and especially The Johnson Farm.