I was surfing the Internet tonight and while searching for things related to Anderson Island I found a web page that has a list of the people who are buried in the Anderson Island Cemetery. At first this kind of gave me the chills then I realized that web pages like this one are amazing research sites for anyone who is interested in their family history.

Cherie Peterson compiled this list (here is a link to the list)  in 1999 and since it is 18 years old now I am sure that there are other names to be added. I am not into Genealogy, I am not aware of how much information is available online for people to do research on their heritage. Perhaps there is a more updated list somewhere, I am simply not aware of one if there is.

The cemetery was dedicated in 1883 and is located approximately 1/4 of a mile south of the General Store. The cemetery is located on the east side of the road.

Just another thing to explore on Anderson Island.